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Vegan and Cruelty-Free hair care!

Hello, Beauties,

A little while ago I was fortunate to get my hands on some really cool products that have such unique and eye-catching packaging I was instantly obsessed! Design.ME has launched a company with a few really cool haircare products but do they work?

For the record I have difficult hair, it’s not super curly and it’s far from straight. My hair is that weird in-between curls/waves that makes life a pain no matter what I do. I also get affected by humidity and can end up very poodle like without the right products. You would think as a British girl that my hair would come equipped to deal with humidity since rain and muggy is England pretty much year round. So just stating that these products had an uphill battle from day 1!

Design.ME is a very innovative company that is leading the way with a new approach to hair care. The packaging is a solid pastel colour and each product Is a different colour. This makes life a lot easier since they are bright and it’s very easy to pick out the product you want in the sea of other products in your arsenal. All of Design.ME products are Vegan, Gluten-Free, Cruelty-Free, Paraben-free, and Sulphate-Free.

The Design.ME Products:

The Puff Me and Puff Me Light (an industry first) $19.50 CAD

This is a fantastic volumizing powder in a pump! I found this product to be a fantastic product that I didn’t know I was missing out on. It helps boost your hair from flat into that “I just came out of a salon and I have my life together “vibe. If you like updos or that gorgeous messy bun that’s Instagram worthy this will be your best friend. Focusing on the roots you spray 1-2 pumps 2-4 inches away from your hair work it is a little bit and boom va-va volume. Also works great for that Bridget Bardot style as well. This out of everything they have is hands down my favourite from the entire line.

  • Puff Me is fore normal to thick hair

  • Puff Me light is for normal to fine hair.

  • Perfect for updo’s braids, etc

  • Odorless

Powder Dry Me $19.50 CAD:

Powder dry me is a spray that you use when your hair is damp to cut down on blowdrying time. The formula uses microemulsion to form a thin layer on your hair fibers to give it better alignment. This allows you to blowdry your hair without having trapped water in the tangles in your hair. Design Me has created this product to cut down on the length of time it takes to blow-dry your hair by also causing the water to bead up on your hair. This causes a lot less heat damaged which is great for your hair and your time management! When I used this I also say my hair had a softer feel and looked healthier. I was also able to get near salon blowout look at home using a round brush.

  • Cuts down on blow drying time by 50%

  • Frizz control

  • Heat and uv protection

  • Smoothes and conditions hair

 Fab Me $24.50 CAD:

When a spray in conditioner meats a treatment is the only way I can think of to describe this. Design.Me have really made a product that is soo different from anything else I have tried. This again made my hair feel so healthy and smooth and smells great too. This is an “if you can only take one product” this would be it type of deal. Fab Me helps to detangle your hair giving you very manageable hair. You just mist this on damp hair and comb through all that greatness. Works on all hair types.


  • Detangling

  • Reduced blow dry time

  • Frizz control (thank you, Jesus)

  • Static reduction

  • Conditioning

  • Shine

  • Hydration

  • Hair Straightener

  • Volumizing

  • Silky and smooth

  • Colour fade protection

  • Breakage protection

  • Free radical and heat damage protection / Environmental damage

  • Smooths out split ends


Products used Puff me and Fab Me

I am all for a Canadian brand created by women that’s vegan and cruelty-free! This company launched in 2016 and has won a lot of awards from magazines like harpers bazaar. I love when people come out with something totally different it inspires my creativity. The products were all great and honestly, I will purchase them in the future.

This made me come a little out of my comfort zone and try new looks just so I could test it properly. My main downside was going to be that they needed a hairspray but they have recently launched one. I have not yet tried it but if the other products are anything to go by then I’m pretty sure its good. Design.ME has really got something special and I hear they have a few new launches coming soon so wait and see!

Have you guys tried any of these? Let me know what you think.

Have a great day and I will see you all soon with some more cruelty-free goodness!

Xoxo Mandi Dawson


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