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DESIGN.ME is exactly what the hair industry has been craving: a hair care and styling line powered by creativity, possibility, originality, innovation and fabulosity!

Created by four ingenious friends and spearheaded alongside three highly creative female minds, the Canadian based brand launched in the US and Canada in 2016 and is already making waves. Harper’s Bazaar listed products from the brand as absolute must-haves in their list of Top 150 products and Behind The Chair awarded the brand with its 2017 Stylist Choice Award.

The flagship product line includes

PUFF.ME ($19.50)
The FIRST ever volumizing cloud mist powder in a pump. If that wasn’t enough to impress you, read about its key benefits, here: Puff.ME

PUFF.ME LIGHT ($19.50)
Just as revolutionary as the original volumizing cloud mist powder in a pump but light enough for even the finest hair texture. For more information: Puff.ME Light

POWERDRY.ME ($19.50)
A micro emulsion formula that speeds up drying time and enhances the entire process. Read about its key benefits, here: Powerdry.ME



FAB.ME ($24.50)
The mother of all hair treatments designed to breathe life back into any mane with just a single spritz with its unique 4 defense formula. Read about its full list of 18 benefits here: Fab.ME

HOLD.ME ($22)
With 3 different adjustable hold settings: low, medium, and high, HOLD.ME hairspray gives you the option to get the perfect spray out of each use. Just hold the hairspray 10-12 inches from your beautifully styled hair and watch the magic unfold. This  hairspray offers heat and UV defense, protection from colour lightening and heat damage while breathing new life into hair – giving it long-lasting shine and manageability. Learn more here: Hold.ME

It’s no surprise that DESIGN.ME launched to an overwhelmingly positive response from consumers and media alike – instantly earning the love of savvy and conscience consumers seeking high-quality styling products that are 100% cruelty-free and contain no harmful sulfates, parabens or gluten. DESIGN.ME simply put, is pure hair happiness!

I received the entire collection above to try out and beyond just looking oh so pretty every time I pick them up, they actually perform quite well! My favorites are definitely FAB. ME + POWERDRY.ME because I have thick hair and it takes forever to blow dry completely. Typically I give it a head start by air-drying it and then finishing off with a blow dry, because all that heat on my hair for so long can’t be good. Thankfully, with the powerhouse combination of FAB.ME plus POWERDRY.ME my hair is protected before it gets a blast of heat, and dries quicker which reduces that heat time substantially! Yay!

Thanks to the wonderful people at DESIGN.ME, 2 of my readers are doing to win the full collection (total value of each prize $105!) To enter, just fill in your name and email address in the form below and click BEGIN! Then leave a comment below telling us why you’d love to try out this hair care brand!


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