Summer Haircare Favourites

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Summer is in full swing and I’m loving it! But as the mercury level rises, it seems our skin and hair have their own opinions about it; oily skin gets oilier, and dry skin gets patchy, don’t even get me started on hair! Confronted with a the few not-so-fun beauty issues, this beauty faves round-up I’m tackling summer skincare woes and bad hair days with beauty products, so you’ll be set to glow and look flawless all summer long.

Design.ME Hold.ME $22

Remember when you needed a different hair spray for all different hairstyles you wanted to do? Well the is a unique adjustable hairspray that gives you three levels of support with just a little twist of the top. You can easily modify the hold from light, medium and strong, so you can throw out all your other hair sprays because this hairspray can do it all. It provides a long lasting hold that leave your hair shiny while also providing UV protection for your mane.

Design.ME Puff.ME $19.50

Ever since I’ve cut my hair short, I’m all about volume. The is the first ever volumizing power in a pump, so it doesn’t spray everywhere and goes just where you want it. It provides instant volume that’s perfect for creating all sorts of hairstyles. And don’t be underwhelmed by the tiny bottle, just a little bit goes a long way!


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