The Loop | 11 dry shampoos that do more than just clean your hair

Do you remember the first time you ever used dry shampoo? Probably not. That’s likely due to the fact that it’s become such an integral part of your beauty routine that you reach for it automatically, while on cruise control. But it’s probably also because you’ve blocked out the chalky memory that left you with gray, powdery hair which you then proceeded to frantically brush out.  Sound familiar? Let’s not even get started on the overwhelming scent.


Thankfully, those messy days, as hilarious as they may be to relive, are gone. The dry shampoos on the market today are plentiful and varied, and available in many different textures. They also certainly don’t smell like your grandma’s powder room.


But the most impressive thing about today’s dry shampoo innovations is how multi-tasking they are. These days, you can expect a dry shampoo to do much more than just soak up oily roots and hide the fact that you skipped hair wash day.