Festival Braiding Kit

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Braiding Essentials & Braid Book

Flower crowns, boho fashion, good vibes and sunshine…festival season has arrived! Design.ME Hair is proud to announce their FIRST EVER Festival Braiding Kit – a kit of hair care essentials that every festival goer needs to get texturized, volumized braids in any style.

Looking cute in a clear Design.ME pouch, the Festival Braiding Kit includes Fab.ME Multi-Benefit Hair Lotion and Puff.ME Volumizing Powder Spray, 30 clear mini hair elastics and the brand’s first-ever Festival Braid Book. The Festival Braid Book has been specially curated for festival season full of unique styles, how-to’s and the expertise of 13 ultra-talented hairstylists showing you what they know best!

Here’s more on how the Festival Braiding Kit can help you achieve perfect, festival-fun braids:

Use this multi-benefit hair lotion as a base before styling your braid or after as a finishing spray. Fab.ME lotion restores, protects and preserves the hair and its colour giving it luminous shine and manageability. It also helps moisturize and heal split ends.

Use this volumizing powder spray in your braid to create texture, add volume and create the perfect creative canvas to achieve the braid you want. Puff.ME gives enough volume and grip to hold and fold in braids with ease.

Festival Braid Book
Created to celebrate the whimsical and fun braids that music festival goers rock during the summer. The book features 13 different braids created by 13 talented hairstylists across the United States and Canada. Categorized by level of difficulty, the Festival Braid Book makes getting the perfect braid simple and easy!

Featured hairstylists include:
Josie Vilayvanh – @josievilay
Amy Shnayderman – @amy_stolly
Tressa Yanchuk – @tressesbytress
Mirella Manelli – @mirellamanelli
Alisha Jared – @alishajaredhairartistry
Mary Ott – @maryh.ott
Stefani Burket – @the.bonafide.ginger
Whitney Burkhart – @wb_upstyles
Stephanie Geib – @stephscissorhands
Ashley Guenther – @balayageandbabes
Bailey Schiess – @schiessstyles
Kimberly Ibbotson – @kimberlytayhair
Serah Shirley – @serahdoeshairahh

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